Sensor for Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

MARK6600 can save your money by simply system.
MARK6600 can save also your measurement results by having ID No.
For example, it is used at a health center etc. so that one can check a change of your bone density monthly.



Special Feature
Series' Special Feature

To detect osteoporosis, the heel is the most optimum location to measure easily
The bone fractures resulting from osteoporosis are mostly found at spines or Epiphysis where there is an especially large amount of cancellous bone.
Non X-ray
This ultrasound system is harmless fro operators as well as for patients, and safe for pregnant women. MARK Series is free from the regulation or restrictions that conventional X-ray systems are bound by.
Fast and accurate examination
The system repeatedly examines the bone 60 times in only 30 seconds and automatically selects an ROI value from that data.


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